Hey Pixel People,


My name is Dezzi Smith and I am the creator of Dezzi Pixels. I created this service because ever since I was young I had a passion for epic stories and powerful magical characters. I would spend hours at home and in class watching and drawing things like Dragon Ball Z, Megaman, and Sonic the Hedgehog.  It has always been my dream and goal as an artist to add to the stories and characters that inspired me as a child.  I would love nothing more then to hear a similar story in the future from another artist inspired by my work. That is why I work hard every day to spread a modicum of the magic those stories have given me. I hope my work inspires you and that we can create something awesome together. Thanks for visiting. 



At Dezzi Pixels story and design is king. I use story to create conceptually interesting and visually striking designs and illustrations for today's entertainment market. Using all my  geekyness for story structure, cinematography , popular statistics and mythology, along with a BFA in Digital Art and an MFA in Illustration, I solve visual problems for you.


I start new projects every monday so if you need a visual or creative problem solved send me an email at  



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