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Why you are Not Making Money with your Art Degree

Updated: Feb 17, 2021


I am Dezzi Pixels and I help artists find their audience and build their businesses online!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You were a huge nerd most of your childhood and when it came time to pick a college major you decided to follow your dreams and chose Art. You pulled many all-nighters and worked hard on your projects because of course only the best artist had a shot of being hired into the video game or film industry.

After years of blood sweat and tears you manage to pull it all off and finally walk across the stage with your degree. It should only be a matter of time now before you’re able to get a job on the west coast and begin your new life as a professional artist.

Except that day never comes.

You applied to job after job and either received silence or a “We’ll keep you on file” email. Eventually you get a job just to pay bills until you get that call back. You pick up a couple commissions for friends and acquaintances but nothing you can sustain yourself with.

As the years go by and the student loan companies start to call you wonder if you made a terrible mistake. You wonder why you are not making money with your art degree.

I know how you feel because me and so many other artists have been there. You wonder if you made a mistake and if you just should have just been a lawyer or doctor cause it probably would have cost just as much.

Before you put down the drawing pencil forever, I want you to know there is a way. I’m here today to tell you why most artists never make it out of the commission phase and give you the first steps to build an actual business that can support your life.

What Questions are we Answering Today?

  1. Why most art education kinda suck?

  2. Why do Artist need to focus more on Business Practices?

  3. Why do artists undervalue their work?

  4. How can we fix it?

Why does most Art Education Suck?

  • Most art schools focus on teaching technical skills with minimal time spent on how to actually promote and sell your work.

  • Students graduate with a severe lack of understanding on how to monetize their expensive skills.

  • This leads to new artist just doing art that appeals to them rather then using their art to appeal to a market.

Why do Artist need to focus more on being a Business?

  • Being a professional artist first and foremost means that you use art to produce an income. Anything else is a hobby or charity.

  • In order to make an income you have to know how to attract and acquire new clients. This means making art that appeals and speaks to them.

  • This takes knowing things like Marketing, Branding, Copywriting, Soft Skill development and so many more skills they don't teach you in art school.

Why do artists undervalue their work?

  • Most artist don’t understand the role their art plays in their industries market and how to appropriately target those niches.

  • These Artist then go and bid for general purpose work that require less specific skills but have a much higher range of competition.

  • This leads to sites such as Fivr and Upwork that creates a race to the bottom in terms of price for artist to acquire work.

  • This creates an environment that makes it near impossible for an artist to charge a living rate for their work because their is always somebody who will do it cheaper...

Well then how can we fix it?

I started the new Dezzi Pixels because I wanted to create the art business school I wished I had when I was starting my art career.

I know how hopeless and frustrating it can feel to pour dozens of hours into a piece of art to only get 5 likes and no comments. To feel like you’ve wasted thousands of dollars of your money and years of your life on dream that will never come true

I’m here to tell you your art is valuable, your time is valuable and your creativity is worth more than a $10 art commission.

If you’re done being undervalued and you're ready to become that professional artist you always wanted to be subscribe to my Youtube channel Dezzi Pixels here and join my email list to be updated every time I upload a new blog or video. Every week we will go over new topics, tips, and systems to help you turn your art dream into a Art business that you can use to pay your rent and to leave that job you hate.

This has been your girl Dezzi Pixels and out Bi***es!!!

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